June 12, 2006

.how to fall in love.

Quick question.

Should one THINK before they fall for someone?

Should one just go for it?

Ignoring the thousands of questions running through their minds:

1. Would he hurt me?
2. Is he the one?
3. What if he isn't as right as it feels?
4. Do we have a future?
5. Would my parents like him?
6. What if he doesn't like me back?
7. What would my friends think?
8. etc...

Or do you really just ignore all those and just focus on,

"Thinking about him makes me smile.
I feel butterflies and I cant help blushing.
Oh my god...
This could be the beginning of something new!
Something great!"


Is that a Recipe to disaster?
Or to a possibility of finding true love?

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