June 18, 2006

.Life at this point.

I was attempting to "fulfil my 'tag' duties" a while ago in a different post,
But half way through...
I felt nausea.
No idea why.
(no Ivan, Im not preggers)

But Mike must be thinkin Im weird,
cuz he's probably the only one who knows what that "tag duty" is about.
If you wanna know too,
Click Here.

I havent been feeling too great lately.
Aside from the fact that mum is here and she's been cooking awessoomeee meals,
everything else sucks.
heHhe thank God for mum!

oH... another GREAT thing is that Portugal made it to the 1st knock out round!
"Round of 16"
Now, I just need them to win Mexico (or draw),
so they can top group D.
Im assuming England will top group C,
and if both my fav teams top their groups,
They wont be knocking each other out in the round of 16.
Group C's #1 v Group D's #2.


The World Cup 2006 has been awesome so far.
Just pissed cuz it had to clash with my exams.
But Thank God exams will be over by the time the knock out round begins.
Just need to hope my teams manage to break out of their groups in the group stage.
(PORTUGAL, England, Australia *haha*)

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a penalty last nite.
He looked so cute after he made the goal.
heHee he deserved it.
Cristiano is so perfect.
*dreamy sigh*


Btw, tonitee...
Brazil v Australia!
Imagine Aussie kicking Brazil's butt!!
whOo hOOo!!
ok ok... I know the odd are very much against Australia,
thats why I said "imagine"!
BUT then again,
You never know. ^^

*sorry lalat*

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