June 10, 2006

.my yahoo.com search results.

I know I dont have much time in hand for my studies,
But still, here I am...
Online wasting my precious time.

You know what I've been doin for the past 20 minutes?
I've been on yahoo.com,
looking through search results that matched "Sherlene Lee".
I didn't expect to find so many things about me.

They're nothing special though.
It just brought up many old stuffs...

Together with my blogs, multiply site, friendster, etc.


There were poems I submitted in lovingyou.com donkey years ago.
And my old GSG homepage.
LoL It was funny to see all those old pics again.
It's been years since I last updated that place.

Then I searched images that matched "Sherlene Lee"...
And this one pic came out that made me gulp.

Apparently I submitted this pic on to "graduates.com" in my profile.
Its me and Shafeeq at Tanjung Aru.
The day we wanted to see the sunset,
But it was too cloudy.
This was also a few days before SPM.
My group of friends decided to take a chill pill,
and have some fun at the beach after class.
That day was fun.

Time to study.

*clears head*

ps: reading back on my old 'profile' entries,
I realised how much I've used the term "flirting" in my 'hobbies/interest' collumn...
kinda regret taking that word so lightly,
thinking its just an innocent act.
If only I knew better.

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