June 8, 2006

Sherlene's Flirting Book

I just felt the need to make this clarification.
(for the purpose of my previous post)

The definition of Flirting in the dictionary is:
"To play at courtship without any serious intentions."

If thats what flirting is...
Courting another without serious intentions,
which also means,
Deliberately misleading another...
You need to read the list below:

Sherlene is NOT Flirting with you when:

1. She compliments you.
- Example:
"Hey, nice hair, nice shirt, nice body, nice eyes, nice butt,
nice pics, you're so sweet, you're so cool, you're the best, etc"

I like giving out compliments, and they're usually true.
When I say you're sweet, I do mean that you're sweet.
When I say you look cute today, I do mean u look cute.
There's no hidden message.
So take it anyway u like...
But there's absolutely no flirting.

2. She talks to you and pushes you lightly on ur shoulder.
- I'm very physical when I'm socializing.
When I laugh, I shove u a little bit.
Thats not flirting.

3. She listens to you when you talk.
- I can be a good listener. Period.

4. She stays up to help you with your heartbreak,
or emotional problems, and appear very understanding.
- I've always wanted to be a psychologist.
Seeing that daddy says its not a good idea,
I can only fulfil my dreams this way.
And of course... I can be caring when I wanna be.

5. She hugs you.
- I'm a hugger. Period.
If you want proof, I'll hug a tree.

6. She bitches about the girl who dumped you.
(Or more non-specifically, she agrees alot with you)
- This aint flirting.
And this aint one of those moments where I try to create openings for myself.
Or trying to make us look like we're so right for one another.
I just say things the way it is.
The way I see it.
The way I understand how you see it.
Or... sometimes,
I say things because I know thats what You want me to say.
(this is especially done when you're upset or angry,
and I know you just need support or comfort.
- this links back to point #4.)

7. She does small things for you.
- Examples: Locates you a website,
Gets you a phone number,
Cook you instant noodle...
You might not have noticed,
But I can be nice sometimes.

8. You see a shy smile on her face when facing you.
- Sometimes I do naturally send out that smile,
but thats not me trying to flirt with u.
Or hide my true feelings from you or whatever.
I noticed that sometimes when I'm feeling a little awkward,
I'd put on that smile too.
(like when I run outta things to say)
Or when I say something or did something wrong.
I'm very hard on myself...
When I do something foolish,
Or something I shouldn't have,
You'll see the shy smile.

9. She hooks her arms around yours.
- I use to do this alot.
I even demand the guy to put their hand into their pocket,
so I can just rest my arm around theirs without having to use my energy to keep it there.
(now some of my close friends do it automatically before I even need to ask)
hahHaa... this aint flirting.
But I've been warned about this.
Apparently thats one of the things that just get guys confused.
(mix signals, wrong impressions, whatever)
So I do it less now...

10. She calls you by an affectionate name.
- Example:
"Hey honey, sweety, hun, babes, sexy, gorgeous, etc."
It just feels nice.
And it sounds nice too.
oH... and it makes you feel closer to the person u talk to.
Dont you think?
I think its sweet.
Whether I call people that,
or if people call me that...
heHhee... So yea...
Thats not flirting in my book.

I'll leave the list there for now.
I hope I cleared up things...

oH... and just if you're curious...
An example for when I'm flirting...
(not to mislead, but because I really am interested,
like I said in my previous post.)
It'd be something as cheesy as this...

"I dont know why,
But thinking about makes me smile."
- and then I bite my lip and tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear...

*lol* Im a loser...

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