June 5, 2006

.New Exposure.

I payed a visit to a strip club today.
It was my first time.
(so dont u dare judge me!!)
My friends and I were curious.
So sue us.

Nwayz, we didn't go during busy hours,
so the place was pretty quiet.
That also meant we had a perfect view of everything.

I have to say,
Im quite shocked.
But at the same time, very amazed.

There was this Asian stripper who had one of the best bodies.
I think she's new...
So her dance (pole dancing etc) was pretty weak.
She was like an injured cockroach.
Made me feel a little embarrassed.
I dont know if thats the reason why I thought it was dreadful,
(to the point that I couldnt even bare looking at her,
if not for her pierced nipple *heHee*)
or issit becuz she's Asian...
Not that Im discriminating the "art" of stripping.

And when I say "art",
I mean that with no sarcasm at all.
Stripping really is an art one needs to master before one can perform.
In order to perform it well.

Cuz when this white gal came on,
(who looked like she's been stripping for a while)
I have to say I was blown away.
The way she moved...
I could tell she knew what she was doing...
She was so confident...
So sexy...
So wow...
I can soOoo understand why men pay to watch her.
I truly am facinated.
I wish I could do what she did.
And the best part is,
She didn't even have a great figure...
But her movements made her a million times sexier than that Asian chick with the hot bod.

Im so tired.
If I have the mood later on,
I'll elaborate more on my experience.
Just too sleepy now...
Need to crash.

oH by the way,
Did I mention the strip club is currently hiring?


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