June 8, 2006

.FLIRTING: where's the limit?.

How far is flirting allowed to go?
How far is flirting allowed to go with someone you're not really sure you wanna be with?

As in...
Okay... for me,
I usually only flirt with guys (like really flirt) if I'm romantically interested in them.
*To those who knows me, You'll know what I mean by 'really flirting'*

So yea...
How far can 'my sorta flirting' go with someone Im not sure I wanna be with?

The thing is,
He's really interesting.
I am attracted.
But I dont see us together.

Now I feel him responding to me.
Not that he wants to hook up,
Cuz he knows that we're not cut out for each other too.
But yea...
We toy with the idea of going 'a step' further...
The step that would possibly make things complicated.
Probably also the step we could possibly just be saying,
but would never put into action?

So when does these flirting end?
When is it suppose to end?
And what about the ideas we mentioned during the 'flirting session'?
Are those abandonable?

Ivan's right.
I do love messing up my life.

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