June 3, 2008

.another step forward!!.

my 22 weeks of legal practice training at griffith uni is finally coming to and end.

from hereinon, i will have to go through 5 weeks of real life work placement; and at the end of that, i will officially be able to announce to the world that i am a fit and proper person to be admitted as a legal practitioner in Queensland, Australia. *daddy will be so proud!*

the thought is making me wanna jump outta my skin. :)

i also received great news today from linda, my supervisor. i've been offered a placement opportunity at the "Department of Child Safety". government job! :) *aweeeesome*

i'm gonna get more details on it sooon... but at this stage, what i know is, i'll be placed at the Browns Plains department, and i'll be working with social workers on children issues, mostly on domestic abuse and etc. *thrilled!!*

ooooH... and i've also been offered a by a senior at the department to take me to the courts (i think) once a week to do court work (maybe appearances) and etc. *loveeee!!* i am majorly excited and getting more and more excited by the second!

fingers crossed it'll be as great as i hope!!!
im not gonna be selfish and hope they'd offer me a permanent job,
but if they do... WEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

*ok, need to cool down!!*

*keep hopes on a normal level. dont overhope. dont overthink.*




۞ D! ۞ said...

grats baby, looks like ur set on ur way to superstardom.

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

HAHA YEA SURE. :P btw... we need to chat. whens ya brissie trip againn?? (i am sooo super bad with dates!! i need a secretary!!)

Who else its your cute guy next suburb-SW said...

yo babyy so happy to hear that. You see good things happen after i left. Looks like i will have to prepare a real big pressie for your grad. Dont let Selina know about this ok else i will need to prepare 2 pressies. Haha... Well she got Cyrus so I will be your temp bf till u find someone....Or am i fired already? Bloody miss u all so much!!!!!!!!

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

awwww.... stan stan!!!! :)

Guy next suburb said...

Shit i thought i have hide my identity well but Selina manage to find out its me. Yeah Len Len I asked my supervisor already he says I might not be able to take that days off cox i m still under prob. So sad. I see if i can convince him again

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

awwwwwwwww.................. but i still love u for askingg!!! :(