June 5, 2008

.highs and lows of the day.

uberly excited!! yes i am! its gonna be an awesome nite out!
cocktails and fancy dress ups!! woohoo!!
a perfect girls nite out!

and while i'm bloggin - for the third time today...
(see? the effect of waking up too early and having too many hours in a day!)
i'm gonna add these lines from a tele/convo to sum up my night:

boy: "does it mean anything if i say you are who i want?"
girl: "you mean... for now?"
girl: "thats me; i'm a magnet for wrong guys..."
boy: "no... i'm the right guy for you."
*girl was upset*
boy: "i'm holding you in my arms, ok?"
*girl closes her eyes and remembers his arms wrapped around her moments ago*
girl: "okay."


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