June 2, 2008


so i have a friend who told a friend how happy her friend has been been feeling lately. apparently, these were my friend's friend's friend's exact words:

"i woke up this morning thinking about him and how we shared a cookie last nite. it made me smile."

"he looked so cute. there was a hint of blue colouring on his lips from a blue smarties on the cookie. for the first time, i didn't care that crummies were falling on my sofa."

"his eyes were slightly red from him rubbing them because he was so sleepy. but it warmed my heart to see a tiny spark in his eyes when he saw the big cookie coming at him. at that moment, i didn't know whether to laugh or wrap my arms around him."

"i brushed off little crumbs off his lips. he looked at me, without a word. it made me wanna kiss him so bad..."


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