June 19, 2008

.a whole new side of the world.

ok, maybe not the world, but definitely brisbane! ok, u know what... i did mean the world. ok, i'm not making sense. but i'll tell u what, work 3 days at the QLD Department of Child Safety and you'll get what i mean.

name: sherlene lee
matter: work placement; legal sector
location: department of child safety, qld
duration: 5 weeks; starting 16 June 2008
completed: 3 days (only)

what im tryin to say is, the amount of perverts out there are crazy! imagine if you're living with such a pervert! AND the pervert happens to be your own parents?!... would you rather grow up with parents who does not treat you like their children but more of a punching bag/sex toy; or would you rather grow up with the government department and never really knowing your parents?

omg omg omg. admittedly, i've never given this side of the world much thought or attention; but 3 days is sufficient to show me how bad it can be for some people.

i've got to say, this job has really made me feel... weird. suddenly now when i walk out the streets, i feel more aware of the children around me. i ask myself, "do these children know how lucky they are to have parents who cuddles them, and buys them things, and feeds them, and care for them?"... "do they know how lucky they are when their parents would cry when they fall sick?"... "do they know how many kids out there wishes to be in their shoes?"...

sigh. i always knew the world wasn't as clean as what i see every day of my life; but... seeing THIS SIDE upclose... whoa. talk about eye opening!

hmmm. suddenly, i feel so lucky.

ooh... also, ever since starting this job, i somehow feel less trusting of people. usually i wouldn't budge when a guy wolf-whistles in my direction on the streets, but now... i just wanna glare at them and tell them to shove it. pervs!!

it could be my pessimism talking again, but suddenly, everyone, strangers in particular, male or female, are appearing to me as bad people, or rather 'possible' bad people. you just cant trust them anymore. and looks are deceiving; no kidding.


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