June 22, 2008

.my eye-opening saturday.

i had the longest saturday ever. started at 7.00 am... and its now 3.40 am the next day, and im still sitting here, awake. losing my voice, but hey... in exchange for fun times, i guess its worth it. :) - besides, wynna and sheen says i sound sexy. soOo... lol

oh... all the funny and different things i saw yesterday (technically its pass midnight) made me feel like i seriously do live in a bubble. there are so many things to experience, see and learn about around brissie. music festivals, open-air free dance lessons in the city, weirdass rituals and traditions practiced by people around brisbane (or australia) that are just so... cool. :)

read about it here.

admittedly, i did feel a little out of place tryin to mingle with people that i do not usually hang around, especially when there's a large group of them, and bout 2% who looked like you. (im not being racist here.) felt like i was thrown into a scene from "the village"...

shame on me. i've been here for 5 years and i've never been to or dared to experience this side of the australian culture! suddenly this week felt like a "welcome to australia" week for me. child abusing aside, i think its pretty cool.

aaaanywayz, i'll put up pics of what im blabbling about on facebook.

all in all, i had heaps of fun!! now im inspired to see more!! soOo... here's to dragging friends out of their comfort zones and experiencing more weirdass outings and really getting to know the land down under! :)

and not forgetting,
i still hate you for being all the way down in NSW!!
we're gonna celebrate your birthday with that "furniture" you left at our house. but hey, good to know you have yiting there to make your birthday more special. warm winter hugs and kisses to you both!!



SW said...

tHANks for your wish darling!!!1

mr jp said...

ohnoes ! what kinda pagan ritual did you attend ?