June 12, 2008

.dedication; to you who deserves to be kept, boxed and always remembered.

a tower of boxes;
filled with my past.
(my past since 2003 at least)

funny how so much emotions and memories could be stored up this way.
its definitely a bitter-sweet feeling.

because i bought two new boxes today,
i decided to store away my latest ex; jimmy.
yep. the once "jimmy and sherlene" has officially been boxed away.

when doing that though,
i discovered many other things from other exes laying around my room.
all the random but memorable stuffs i've kept around me.
consciously or subconsciously... i dunno?
but last night, i decided to store them too.

and where do all the boxes go?
have a go in spotting them.
my dark corner, as some may call it.

i think it started out with one box;
and now there's six. hmm.

so... here's to the guys in my boxes;
may your lives have only become sweeter after 'us'.
i'm happy now;
and i hope you're happy too.



۞ D! ۞ said...

lol at boxes. one day we burn boxes?

Your furniture said...

Why do i see condom wrappers in all of your boxes? oh yeah baby

Ah_Mike said...

Hey girl, keep this up and we'll see a cupboard full of boxes la....

Time to really let go and burn/cut/donate/throw/tear/soak/sell it away?

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol burn?? noOoo....

but thx guys. except u stan!! :P

Anonymous said...

So tats what are in those boxes.... =-=