February 14, 2009

.14 feb 2009.

:) happy valentines day peeps. have an awesome one! whether you're single or doubled, it can still be a fun day! just got to think and feeeeel positive!

i was single last year and had a blast eventhough i did nothing in particular. single, comfortable and confident is an attraction girls. don't ever forget that. ;) as for this year... :) yes, i have plans. so i guess we'll see how that turns out.

oh hey, i watched "he's just not that into you" today... i wouldn't call it awesome, but it definitely educated their viewers! (especially those who hasn't read the awesome book) i enjoyed it alot. loved many lines! (but i shouldn't spoil it for you by listing them here)

and McMel, if you're reading this, i'm sorry i watched it without you girls! im sure u will still enjoy watching it with selina and the others! ;) or who knows... maybe i'd go again. :) *hugs*

happy valentines!


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine

Anonymous said...

happy valentines day! (=

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

happy valentines day anonymous peoplee... :) hope u guys/gals had a great one! ;)