February 9, 2009

.ms potty mouth.

tired tired tired little me. but i had a good day. it was a day full of new words... new dirty (but useful) words. and to make it even better, its not english. yeeeha! im so happy for myself. :) i wont share it here though [for obvious reasons]... maybe when we hang out, you'll see (or hear).

im watching the replay of the 51st annual grammy awards rite now. also typing this and dozing off at the same time. working tomorrow, the whole day. oh, suddenly i feel even moreee tired. *yawns* ok, thats it. i'm gone.

goodnight beautiful people. the world is a beautiful place. *hugstoall!* - wynna, where are you?!


gad-dammit. WTF? who's doing this?!


MsMusicJunkie said...

man why arent i famous!? his my dad too! LOL.

i was out. with eudo. teeheee~

Anonymous said...

For curiosity sake... why do u keep google-ing urself??


.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol i dun think its a good thing babe...

and vanz... hahaha i'm self absorbed. i thought u knew? lol actually, i was just curious to see if more weird things come up... and i did find something!

*runs to google herself again*

p.s: i bet ivan just googled himself too.