February 11, 2009

.i've got 'another' new WANT.

recently, as i've been exposed to a couple of different types of friends... i realised something that somehow made me feel like... well, like i'm missing out.

you're gonna roll your eyes, but it's about "travelling and seeing the world". i never thought i had that in me, but i've recently spoke to a couple of people about their experience taking time out to travel to places like the UK... some take a whole year, or just 6 months off... fly on a holiday working visa... work part time over there... save up and travel around.

apparently its a big thing among young people. why havent i ever thought of doing that? ...is it too late for me now?

personally, i think its because of the way i was raised. i was raised to believe travel are for those who were either born with lots of money, or for those who have earned and saved and sent their kids to university (like my parents)...

right now, i think my best bet would be to find a real full time job (in my field), save and exhaust my 4 weeks paid work holiday to travel. (like nanda) i'd think the whole "holiday working visa" idea is too late for me now...? u see, take a year off? *scoff* dad would kill me. *ponders*

ANYWAYZ... off topic, i got this spat on my face from a facebook quiz today:

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHHAHA!! Friends wid benefits..LOL

in ur face!!!