February 7, 2009


i watched before sunrise and its sequel, before sunset again. everytime i watch the two films, it'd leave me feeling rather emotional. i need to remember that, so i dont keep putting myself through it over and over again... but i just like it so much.

the gist of the movie is "connection". the automatic connection two people feel when around each other. the first show focuses on two youths and their hopes and dreams about love; whilst the sequel tells us about growing up, dealing with your past, and the realities of life and love.

"guess when you're young, you just believe there'll be many people with whom you'll connect with. later in life, you realize it only happens a few times."

i honestly dont know how to describe the two shows... its just... so... real. it always hit something in me. im not sure if its a good thing. sigh. this time, it was julie delpy's line when she said -

"i'm so miserable in my love life, my relatioship. i always act as, like, u know, i'm detached. but i'm dying inside. i'm dying because i am so numb. i don't feel pain or excitement, i'm not even bitter, i'm just..." [end of line]

i dont know. feeling numb. i think i know what she means. in that case, does that also mean goodbye to ever feeling that i've actually found 'love'?

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Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmmmm ..

I think you look too hard for love.