February 6, 2009

.normal vs the unknown difference.

hmmph. dont know why the above image is turning out so small, but the point is... since when does facebook send out 'malay' notifications? if u cant see it, it says, "Sing-Yee Chua juga menulis komen pada gambar Sherwynna Lee"... why? why ah? i just found that odd.

so, wynna bought us tickets to watch the fray and secondhand serenade at the tivoli on the 21st march. i feel like i should be studying again... as in, their songs. the same way i had to listen to panic! the whole day before i joined wynna at their concert. lol but it will be another fun experience... oh, i think thats where all my ang pau money went too.

my 'detach-y' feeling from my normal world is still happening. things are changing, i get it. i just feel torn between wanting to think about it, which would make me enjoy everything less... or just going with the flow, which would keep me obliviously happy but stuck in these moments over and over again. hmm. u tell me?

something i learned from 'definitely, maybe' -

its not about who the one is... its when
when u are ready to commit, 
the person u meet then will be the one.

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MsMusicJunkie said...

ya man! i keep getting malay notificationssss too!