February 19, 2009

.the beginning and the end.

to mention or not to mention, that is the question.

ok. here goes -

for the past few weeks, i've been seeing someone. someone who has indeed made me very happy. he reminds me of a combination of several exes in terms of his goods and his bads. he's the second "cancerian" i've dated, and i'm thinking maybe thats why some similarities arise.

its only been weeks, so i guess its normal to say that things are pretty cloud 9-ish. you know the drill. he's the person you want to see the most, everything about him is new and exciting, he makes me laugh and cry... the whole lot.

sigh. you know... i would've liked to say "pfft, nothing special" and treat this guy as just another one of my soon-to-be mini-chapter in my life's journey, but *sigh-again* the truth is, i think i might be playing the whole thing down. just so i can cushion my fall.

its only been weeks, but i think this might be it. as in, that is all it will be. yes, i'm talking about the end. maybe thats why i'm feeling a sharp tug on me heart-strings. cuz here's the issue, he's in australia on a "holiday working visa" - so, essentially the longest he'd stay in my life would be a year (not counting the memories he has imprinted in my mind)... but now something came up, and the months i thought i had might turn into days. a week, if we're lucky.

"we need to talk," we agreed, and i knew the problem he had mentioned to me earlier about his 'situation' has deteriorated, and we might have to go down the "last resort" path; also the same path that will lead us on our separate ways.

well, the good thing is, its only been a couple of weeks... so how hard can it be to get over right? *bites lower lip* - somehow, something tells me otherwise... :(

i hate this part.


Anonymous said...

the situation sounds familiar ... lol.

in any case, enjoy the moment while it lasts ?

I do agree, cancerians rock.


Anonymous said...

I think you put too much thought into this kinda stuff, just let nature take its course and live life till the right gardener waters you and makes you really blossom

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

:) perhaps the next time i come across a cancer, i shud bolt huh? :P

and anon2, thanks for the gardening analogy. lol sadly, i always get "watered" by gardeners who dont stay in the same neighbourhood for long... after a while, it makes me wonder whether i actually should blossom... cuz what if i eventually do, and that gardener leaves (like the other 1927191 that has)... whats gonna happened to that blossomed flower then? sigh.

Anonymous said...

You always get watered but do they use the right water? Ordinary water will make it grow but not into a stunning red rose?

Of course you should blossom. Just gotta be in the time and place. Good things come in time.

Once you blossom into a beautiful rose he picks it for you to keep and dries it out so you wont have to grow again.

And they live happily ever after :)

sythen said...

hey! great to hear bout the tingly, feels like im 16 and in love feeling... good on ya! i know how it feels in ur situation. a lot of hope but even more uncertainty. but dont let this cancerian astrology mumbo jumbo rule how things go. u are not fated to the stars.. u have a say in wat happens, ur future is not written just yet.

believe me babe, obstacles in life are put in ur way for a reason. wat comes next is rilly up to u (or the 2 of u).

one of the anonymous said it right.. ur thinking too much! stay rational, but follow ur heart for once and take it a day at a time. it can be very exciting! ;)

okok.. beer talking :P