February 27, 2009

.reasons to smile.

3 reasons to smile today -

x1. jimmy called to give me an update on how my frenchie (lets call him 'ben') is doing at the gold coast. he says ben is settling in well, very determined to find a job, relaxed and definitely under better living circumstances. so thats great. :) he also said ben misses me. :) :)

x2. i spoke to a friend today whom i havent spoken to for a while. we cleared the air about a few things, and agreed to many other things, which is definitely something good. i realised how much of a great person he is, and how big of a heart he has, even when under so much pressure from the "mess" we (or i) had recently created. he truly has lots of great qualities... i hope he would never lose that.

x3. 'ben' sent me an email. i know, we're suppose to go cold turkey... but obviously, caving is expected at some point. after all, i did already cheat by asking for his news from jimmy (his housemate) eventhough he didn't know about that. but yea, knowing that he misses me as much as i miss him, and that i'm not the only one struggling reminds me of what we had. and that is always a good reason to smile... :)

oooH... 4th reason! i FINALLY bought myself new sunnies! i thought i'd be blind before that day ever came. :)

i hope u guys had a good day too.
plein de bisous et de calins! ;)

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