February 12, 2009

.3 unrelated thoughts.

took another quiz today. hey, i'm at the right age. :) thats good right? - but i do have to say though, whats wrong with jack johnson? i likey mr.johnson! hmmph.

so, the girls did some valentines day shopping today. was nice. but hell, valentines day can be so stressful hey? from looking at the girls, to looking at the faces of my poor male customers, helplessly trying to pick the right gift for their valentines. *hugs*

hmm... also, i think i lost a friend today. :(


Anonymous said...

u wont believe how much of a headache valentines day can be for guys ;)

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol knowing how hard it is for gals, i can only imagine how it'd be for men... *hugs* have a good vday buddy!