March 7, 2006

Head Up!

Im so excited to write this down!
7 minutes before my lecture,
I should be reading my notes,
But here I am,
Determined to write down these feelin'!

Well... this morning started off great!
Andy sms-ed me,
and MADE me watch the MU v Wigan match at 6am.
As you know, I didn't sleep due to all the crying and etc.
But despite my tired eyes and foul mood,
I decided to take Andy's words.

MU WON!!!!
Wigan scored first...
Then guess who equalised?!
Ronaldo rockKKzzz!!! *lol*
So yeAaa...
I'd say thats a pretty awesome kick-start to a new day rite?

After the match, I went to bed.
At 1.30pm (or so)... Andy called me wake me up for class.
Andy is such a sweetheart.
*lol* I love him to bits!
That was another PLUS to my day!

Then I got dressed,
Went downstairs for breakkie...
Well... Breakkie with Selina was a little down...
Becuz naturally, the topic of Shaz came up again.
Got me a little upset,
BUTTTTT... If one doesn't feel upset,
One would not appreciate the small things in life that makes things better rite?
*Trust me, I dont even know what Im saying!*

Today, as I walked out of the house to Uni..
(Actually, I didn't walk. Reza sent me to the bus stop)
But yea, as I left the house,
I felt really good.
Its like... For the first time in days,
I felt the weight being lift off my shoulders.
When I walked to Uni,
I felt like I was bouncing!

The bounce got even happier when I bumped into Mouzam.
Its been a while since I saw him.
We stopped in our tracks and chatted for a while.
He still looks so hot. *tee hee*
And he still remembered since the last time we chatted that he was gonna take me clubbing.
"I still need to take you clubbing" he said..
*wooO hoOo!*
Okay, now I just sound psychotic.
BUT... bottom line is, I feel great.
Not because of Mouzam per se,
But great because of everything.
oH... I also bumped into Sisca.
She's so cutee... *kekKee*
"Saturday's On?" I asked...
And she said, "Yup! I'll call you!"
aaaH... Malaysian Students welcome party.
oH I'm looking forward.

But yEaa... Thats basically why I'm typing this entry.
I just wanna record this great feeling.
So that everytime I'm feeling in the pits,
I can come here, read this and feel happy again.

Last words,

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