March 24, 2006

Me? Or My Clothes?

This week has been weird.
I met 3 different weird men in the course of 4 days.
When I say weird,
Read on, and I'm sure you'd agree...

The thing is, I dont know whats attracting these men.
My clothes? or Me?

Okay, here's the story...
On Monday,
I decided to attend an earlier tutorial.
(For personal reasons)
After class, it was about 2pm when I was walking from Uni to the City to take a bus home.

In the midst of walking,
This man appeared outta no where and starting talking to me.
He started with, "Sunny day huh?"
And I thought,
"eeh... normal guy, being friendly, talking weather."
So I answered.
Within minutes,
He asked me for my name, my nationality and wanted to know what I was studying.
I told him I was Samantha from Philiphines, doing law.
*ehem* thats 1/3 of the truth...
Not bad rite?

Up to that point,
I thought he was still ok.
It was when he took out 2 DVDs, telling me the bought them today,
Told me his house was around the block,

He could be asking for courtesy purposes maybe?
I thought so at first....
Then he asked me to go up to his place again,
(which I said NO to)
Which then lead to him asking for my number,
and if I wanted to go to clubs with him sometimes.
Thats when I knew for sure,
This dude is a *&%^%$*%^~
I couldn't be more relief when Selina called.
I used that as a reason to ignore him and head straight for my bus stop.

When I got to Sunnybank Hills shopping mall,
which was my stop,
I decided to go into the hypermarket to get a few stuffs.
While picking out something,
This dude just walked pass me...
and whispered "Hiii" in my ear.
When I looked over,
He wiggled his eyebrows at me.
I thought I was gonna puke.

Tell me.

Anyway, this was what I was wearing:

I made Sherman take it becuz I wanted to see if something looked wrong.
Look anything wrong to u?


TODAY... I was unfortunate enough to meet with another bloke.
I skipped mt 4pm lectures because I was late.
Deciding to find a spot to study before my next lecture at 5,
I innocently headed towards C Block.

Almost there...
I was stopped by two guys,
One white, One black...
The black guy was holding a file and some books,
Thinking he was gonna survey me or something,
I stopped.
He asked for my name and asked me where I was from.
I told him truthfully.
Sherlene. Malaysia. Nice to meet you.
He told me he was from London.
Just got here and was checking out the Uni.

The next thing he said just got me speechless.
He said:

"I just had to stop you.
Because when you walked by,
I was so attracted by your eyes.
I love your outfit and the colour.
I've never seen an asian gal are pretty as you.
With a girl like you at uni,
I'd say studying here ain't such a bad thing after all."

............................. <-- yea, that was me. The first thing I managed to say (to his friend) was: "Is this guy for real?!"

GOD... Whats happening?!

Anyway, I tried my best to get out of it,
I told him I needed to get to a class...
He invited me to the student guild bar for drinks,
I said no thanks.
Then he asked me for my number,
Said he wanted to ask me out for a movie.
I said no.
He didn't let it go.

20 minutes passed.
I was trapped.

At the end, I gave him my number.
He deliberately called me to check if I was telling the truth.
Indeed I was. (somehow I knew he'd check)

And I thought,
"Imagine if he called and my phone didn't ring.
He might force me to spend another 20 minutes with him."

ARGH... headache.
After that incident,
I told myself I had one last hope.
Maybe he'd bump into someone else,
Recite the same lines,
Get her number and leave me alone.

But when I got home...
While watching nip/tuck on TV,
He called. And he SMSed me.
Of coz, I didn't pick.
But OH MY GOD...

If only the guy that walked up to me was that cute chinese guy I saw on the bus.
REAL good things don't happen to me.
But thats alrite.


OH... before I forget,
This was what I was wearing today.

So you see...
The 1st top and the 2nd are very different.
But you can't really say the weirdos are attracted to flesh,
becuz in my 2nd top,
I was completely covered!

The next guy I meet,
I'm just gonna say,
"Sorry. My boyfriend is waiting."

White lies to the rescue!!

1 comment:

Raven Angel said...


The next time ppl ask for you number, just tell them that you lost your phone and give them a tale on how you lost it to make it more convincing.

If that time you are actually carrying a phone that is at sight for ppl to see, just tell them it belongs to your beloved bf/brother and boast on how generous he has been to lend it to you.

If they actually psuh you into wanting your house number, just tell them you are rarely home so don't even bother.

Heck, that's my strategy whenever it happens (seldom though). Believe it, it works.

Hope it helps you in the future, pretty girl! ^0^