March 27, 2006

Seekin' "That Look"...

Love is blind.
Love makes the object of one's affection the most beautiful thing they've ever laid eyes on.

When love exists in one's heart,
It wouldnt be hard to see it in one's eyes.
From the way they look at the one they love.
The look that speaks one's heart.
He doesn't even need to say anything.
Just one look at you,
And you KNOW you're the prettiest thing he has ever seen.
That he couldn't feel luckier to be with you.
That he is the luckiest man alive.
Simply to have you.

Its that look that every gal seeks.
The look that tells her she's loved.
She's cared for. She's wanted. She's needed.
For who she is, and for who he sees in her.

Just as simple as that,
It brings out the best in her,
Simply becuz she knows her existence means that much to him.

You can tell a girl she's beautiful and make her blush.
But its really that look...
That look that can't be faked...
That look in a guy's eyes...
The look that requires no words.

That look that simply says,
"You're MY world's most beautiful person. I dont know what I did to deserve you."

Back when I was 16,
I remember attending this function at a resort's grand ballroom.
There was a guy I was going to meet there.

When I arrived,
I noticed he was already there, waiting.
As I got outta the car,
I saw him looking at me.
I saw that look.
I thought I was gonna fly.

I remember my friends saying,
"Did u see how **** looked at you? Awww!"

He didn't have to say a word.
I knew he saw me as someone special.
That was enough to shoot me up on cloud 9.

But the true beauty of it is I can actually still remember that look until today.
And it still gives me that tingly feeling.

*sigh* ( a good one)

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