March 8, 2006

...Not Today...

HE came over just now.
Passed me the thing HE said he wanted to give me.
It was a recording.
I heard it.
I cried.

I broke my promise to Andy,
I couldn't stop the tears from falling.
I broke my promise to Emyne,
I can't get myself out of this depression.
I'm still stuck among the sad love songs.

Just give me tonite to mope alrite?
Tomorrow I'll try to stand strong again.
Its just tonite... I really can't hold myself up.

We sat in his car outside my house,
We talked quite a bit about everything.
At the end, just as I opened the door to leave,
HE took my hand...
I didn't resist.
There we were again.
Hand in hand.
Then he leaned over to kiss me on my cheek,
and then my forehead.
And he said Goodnight.
Just like how he always do when we were still together.

That small part of my heart I managed to put together the last few days...
It's shattered again.
Adding salt to my wound,
I watched him lit a ciggarette right before he drove off.
My heart is officially smashed.
Every single part of it.
And I can't do anything about it.
At least not tonight.

People, Forgive Me.
I guess I wasn't as strong as I thought.


Anonymous said...

Girl, nobody's fault, and you don't have to say sorry. Its hard to get over since both of you still loving each other. Cry as loud as you can. Don't torture yourself k? You need someone to talk to. You're more lucky than me you know? At least, you and shaz have been together. :) I do really hope you will be ok. Take care. *hugs*


da'piNkch3ekz said...

christy... thanks so much. simply for reaching out and being there. it really did touch me. im sorry if things arent rosy on ur end either... i guess this is life huh? u get thrown as much crap your way in hope that you'd be able to come back up stronger... but i know for a fact that we will both survive it yea? just have to believe things will always be alrite in the end... *hugs back* we'll find our happiness sooner or later. *heHe* good luck! and thanks again!