March 7, 2006

Made It Tru Another Day

It was fine.
Made it through another day.
The beginning was alrite...
Woke up,
Dressed up,
Tried my best to feel pretty.
You guys might not understand,
But I think it's fairly common for a girl to wanna look good after a break up.
So yea... thats what I attempted to do.

The end bit of the day was pretty rough though.
Spoke to a few people,
People who knew stuffs I didn't,
People who said stuffs that really affected me.
So yea...
I cried a whole lot last night.
It's 3.49am right now and my eyes are still swollen.

Kinda look like this:

That pic above was taken on Valentines day.
The day Shaz and I officially broke up.
See that pathetic smile on my face?
Yeaa... Thats me at night.

But hey, I have to say,
After the cry... followed by lots of laughs because of my crazy friends,
I really do feel much better.

And hey,
During the day,
I'd say I handle myself pretty good ya know...

NO ONE wud be able to tell the difference, rite?


Well... for sure, this period of my life sucks.
BUT, like everyone has said to me...
I'll get over it. Its just a matter of time.

By the way, thanks for the *hugs*...
Thanks J, you're a pal.
And sorry you had to go tru what I'm going tru.
Now I really do know how sucky it feels.
And the other anonymous person...
Thanks too! Wud love to know who u are though.
I this aint an award show or anything,
But I wanna thank a couple more people.
Friends like Selina(who's also a cousin), Emyne, Lalat and Zara.
You guys have been really supportiveee...
I can't thank you guys enough.
But I'll make it tru this rough patch...
I will.

One more thing I have to say,
I found a new best friend.
It really connects with my soul...
Despite me listening to all the sad love songs,
It actually made me feel understood instead of more depressed.
So yeaa...
When people say,
"Let the music heal your soul"...
They really do mean it.

Here are some current lyrics to my soul:

All 4 One - Not Ready for Goodbye

Mariah Carey - Through The Rain

S Club 7 - Have You Ever

S Club 7 - Say Goodbye

LeAnn Rimes - Please Remember

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sherlene, i like your smiles. ^^ The moment that u spent with shaz is something that you could cherish about in the future. It's all good. Smile ya! *hugs*