March 11, 2006

I did that, So WHAT?!

Selina is on the phone with Shaz now.
I heard Shaz telling Selina about what I did yesterday.
I wonder why he had to tell her?
Thank God I've already confessed to Selina myself.
But really...
Why did he have to go tell Selina about it?
And from Selina's responce,
It sounded like Shaz was asking...
"Did u know that yesterday, Sherlene... bla bla bla"...
If you know what I mean.

But then,
I got sick of it.
Sick of listening to anything that have to do with him.
Maybe its because I had a great day.
Hangin' out with my friends,
Attending the Malaysian Students Association party,
Having lunch,
Talking about EVERYTHING,
and of courseee... Shopping.

About what I did yesterday...
Let me just say, I have no regrets.
I did what my heart told me to do.
So yeAaa... So what if people think I'm wrong, right?
(sorry Emyneee) *keKkee*
ok ok...
In case people are wondering,
Yesterday Shaz missed a very important tutorial.
We were in the same class, thats how I knew he was missing.
Then I found out he was sick.
Thinkin that he could be really sick like before,
I went off to buy him an ice pack (for his recurring fevers),
a soft toy (specifically a stuffed dog) and some other stuffs.
Lalat and I took a bus to his place to pass it to him.
Smart of me to bring a chaperone riteeee?
*C'mon... gotta gimme some credit for that!!*

I guess he was touched.
He hugged me.
I, of course, hugged him back.

When Shaz smsed me to ask me why I did what I did,
I told him the truth.

I said: (something like this la)
"You were sick. I felt that I wanna be there to see how you were. And I've always wanted to get u an ice pack for ur fevers AND also for your constant football injuries. (Im not exaggerating!) And the dog, I got it because I've always wanted to get u something you could hug. So yea. That's it."

About the dog,
What I meant is just... u know...
Something sweet.
C'mon... You guys have to admit it!
Sometimes when you're realllllyyy down and maybe even lonely,
U do wish someone is there right?
And stuffed toys can actually be that someone.
Something you beat the hell out of when you're pissed,
Something you strangle when you're irritated,
Something you can talk to when you wish you could talk to "her",
Something soft you could leave around you when you sleep...
(okay, the last one is a bit gay, sorry)
BUT yea...
That was my intention.
It was meant to be a "Friend"...

Most of u are just gonna think I'm giving lame excuses to justify my actions.
And the others would think I'm plain psycho.
And sorry if what I said are all misconceptions of the male minds,
But that's just what I was hoping to get outta what I did...

ooH brother!
Why the hell do I bother explaining myself sometimes?!
What matters is that I'm happy right?
And I did something I felt was right.
Something I wanted to do.

Look what I found at!

Thats what Shaz use to call me!!!

ok ok... Sherlene. Life. GET ONE.

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