March 14, 2006

A Weekend as a Single Gal again!

Tons happened these couple of days.
I've been up and about... doing this and that.
SOOO tiring.
BUT... Lotsa fun.
Kept my mind off the down sides of life.
I guess that's common when you have lotsa other things in mind.
Happy and Exciting things especially.

Remember the MYSA BBQ Party?
I met a guy there...
Actually I met many people there.
One of them, Irawan... was Shaz's friend.
I guess he didn't know about the break up,
So he did ask me how was Shaz and etc.
I, of course, answered normally.
I met this guy... His name is Terrence.
I don't even know his last name, but I do know he's Malaysian... From JB.
We talked quite a bit at the party...
Had a few laughs, shared a few jokes, etc.
That same night,
He SMSed me.
Got my number from Mike.
*glares at Mike* lol

Me and Terrence have been SMSing alot since.
He said a couple of things to me that made me feel... "ummm... ok".
As in...
Im really not sure if he's serious, (cuz he's always joking around)
But he made his interest in me pretty obvious.
The thing is, I'm not sure if his interest is genuine.
He asked me out... for a movie...
I said Yes.
I do think he's an alright guy.
So, why not rite?
But I did tell him that we're just gonna be friends,
and I did tell him about my recent break up...
He said Alrite.
We'll see what happens.

But one thing for sure,
I know I'm not ready for anything more serious than this.
It's simply too soon.
Altho I do appreciate the distraction.
It's good to be distracted from other parts of my life that has been weighing me down.
I've not cried for days now...
That's awesome.

Aside from Terrence,
I've been in contact with this guy called Bernard too.
Bernard and I started off on the wrong foot a couple of months back,
But now...
I guess we're both just gonna give this friendship another go.
He's not really as bad as I initially thought he was.
Altho he can be really... umm... annoyingly over-confident sometimes.
But yeaa...
Its good so far.
Thats all I'm gonna say.

You know one thing I realised about being single again?
I get to spend so much time with friends...
Caring about them, talking to them, making plans with them...
Its more fun than I remembered.
And it warms my heart to feel close to Lalat, Emyne and Sisca again.
Its really more relaxed to be with guys and not having to feel as if u owe them something.
Like, every guy is a friend to hang out with...
Dont let it get any more serious than that.
Don't get yourself hooked, and thus create an obligation for yourself.
Be friends and don't bother going the extra mile to please them.
If they really want your friendship,
You really don't need to rub their asses to make them feel that way.
You know?

But really...
Things have been great.
I hope these past weeks have also helped me grow.
Wise me up so I know how to make better decisions when it comes to issues regarding human emotions or simply day-to-day human interactions.
And one thing I know for sure is,
Don't make committments until you really feel ready.
And you have to be comfortable too.

(Sorry if what I'm saying dont really make sense,
I'm really more like, talking to myself. hehHee...)

By the way,
It's Sherman's Bday!
We decorated his room and threw him a surprise mini party!
It was fun! The surprise totally caught him off guard!!
It was so funny to see! Sherman is a sweetheart.
I love him to bits.
Happy 23rd Birthday hoNeylicious broThaaa!!

ps: Terrence actually lives in Sunnybank...
Thats like... 10 minutes from where I stay...
I guess Brisbane aint that big afterall. ^^

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