May 29, 2006

...I miss Wayne...

Still feeling tired today.
And I broke my heel...
The heel on my stiletto, I mean.
Its my last good pair.

I recieved 2 testimonials from Wayne today.
Remember Wayne?
The hottie I mentioned in an earlier post who use to be my hsemate?
Well yeaa...
He wrote me 2 testimonials on Friendster that totally made my day.
He's such a sweety.

It made me recall many funny memories.
Wayne was really cheeky.
And not to mention a lazy bum!

*recalls the time when Selina and I use to wake him for class.*

Us: *knocks door* "Waynee?! Are you up?!"
W: *in the most awake voice* "Yup!"
Us: "Ok! Don't forget class!"

Then we'd come home after class and realise Wayne didn't make it for his.
Because he overslept.

He was my first housemate after coming to Australia.
Selina and I knew him as "Sherman's best friend."
We heard alot about him before he moved in,
And was quite intimidated.

We heard he was a playboy.
A VERY CUTE one, as you can imagine.
We also heard about the time when he slept dead,
and there was a fire in his room...
The firemen came to put the fire out,
and he didn't even know.
We tease him about that all the time.

Wayne drove a bike.
An orange Kawasaki Ninja.
Made him look even more dangerous.
Sexy dangerous of coz. *lol*

I remember those times when he'd take me around on his bike,
to Sunnybank's 7-11, to and from uni, to China Town to buy a helmet...
He also brought me along to test out a friend's bike...
Apparently I was there to test the passenger's seat... *lol*
And we even thought of riding up to Mt Coot-Tha...
ooH... which reminds me of that promise he made.
He must've broke it by now.

Then there was those times when the 4 of us would play CS together.
Cuz we all have our own laptops,
which are connected on LAN,
(or whatever they call it)
And we'd be killing each other from our rooms.
I remember how Wayne always got head shot...
and I'd hear a loud "F**k!!" from his room.

"How to lose a guy in 10 days"...
That was Wayne and I's first movie at a cinema in the City.
That was another very sweet night.

And I use to bugged him about his smoking habits all the time.
Stole his ciggies just to make him smoke less.
And also limited him to 3 boxes a week,
which he agreed to.
I use to doodle on his ciggie boxes...
Keeping count on his weekly limit.
Dont know how well he kept to it tho...
He must've had to bum alot of cigs from his friends,
if not secretly stash boxes in his room.
(I kept the last box *sobs*)

ooH... and Wayne is really strong too.
Once, he had to carry a 58kg gal up the stairs because she had a stomachache and couldn't walk.
The gal isn't still 58kg!
and she was only 58kg becuz it was her first winter in Australia and she overate to stay warm!!
But anywayz,
That was one really sweet moment.
(aside from the fact that I probably almost killed him or broke his arm)

Wayne and I stayed up to chat on MSN alot.
We lived under one roof,
But we still chatted to one another from our own rooms.
It was sweet.

Wayne was always there for me.
When I broke up with my boyfriend (now ex, obviously),
he was there to offer me a hug and a shoulder to cry on...
Did I also mention that Wayne gives the best hugs ever?
I can't describe it.
But his hugs are really really warm.

Then Wayne had to leave us.
Just when I thought things were perfect.
Just when my dreams came true.

Good times dont last hey?


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