December 4, 2008


my gurl friend, sheena turned 22 today!! [note the space between the word gf; i dun wanna offend wynna] we went to fat louie in the city, right before midnight and had a couple of drinks. it was a small group, but enough to create big laughs. thanks to the alchie.

today is also daddy's birthday! so happy birthday daddy!!! :) *sobs* i miss dad. :( ok, lets change the subject before i tear up. sigh. wish i was home...


on a random note, i realized another thing about myself today...

i can have pretty weird expectations, and yes, i'm thinkin about something specific. ex boyfriends related. i realized how, despite breaking up, i kinda expect my ex boyfriends to be great guys. lol yes, im serious!

its like... i kinda expect that months or years down the track, i can meet them again or hear stories about them about great or nice things they've done or said or accomplished. im not sure if the satisfaction is for them or for me. maybe i just enjoy the feeling of telling people - "yea, that great guy... i dated him once." - a reflection of my good taste perhaps?

then again, i guess some may say, "that great guy that sherlene lost." - BUT, nah... thats silly. after all, there are many guys out there who'd do and accomplish nice/great things. i cant have them all now can i? :) HENCE, the way i see it... realistically, i should be proud enough just knowing i was the object of that great person's affection once. :) i'm a real nutter, huh?

and hey, it doesnt necessarily have to be something life changingly awesome, it could just be something nice. like, this one time i remember sheena mentioning -
  • she was out having dinner with friends one night when she met both her and my ex boyfriend with their friends. when she told me that they left the restaurant earlier, i instantly asked, "did jason say hi?" - expecting my ex boyfriend to have the courtesy to do so despite us already broken up...

hehehee... i know. u probably think its too much, rite? seee... i told u... weird expectations!

but, in case you're wondering, yes. he did go over and said hello. and i thought that was very sweet. :) that said, congratulations on your recent accomplishment, jason! :)

p.s. i watched "laws of attraction" today. quite liked it. but it puzzled me... dont american lawyers see a conflict of interest when a husband and wife act as attorneys for opposing parties in a case? *too lazy to research*

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