December 9, 2008

.reality; really?.

the baby of the family is now 18 years old. whoa. where did time fly?

it feels like a blink ago when she was still a little fry; when her world revolved around powerpuff girls, barbie dolls and playing teacher to her hundreds of teddy bears. :)

its hard to believe how many real blinks ago those times were. my baby sis is now 18. 18! somehow, no matter how many times i say it, i still can't believe its true.

imagine: "jie, i'm going clubbin with friends. dont wait up!" - omg. she's really 18.

:) happy birthday loser!


Anonymous said...

skinny little fry... agree...
oversized tshirt.. and 3/4 shorts that looked like it was stolen...

babe.. we getting old ler..


MsMusicJunkie said...

im still currently wearing 3/4 shorts. LOL