December 15, 2008

.this and that.

been a few days since my last update. much has happened. much.

the girls celebrated their birthdays in pajamas and had a blast, while their pajama wearing guests were all great sports. and the drinks... whoa. the drinks... yea. :)

but party and drinking aside... my personal life took an unexpected turn. for better or for worse, its still a little premature to pass judgment. but we'll see.

on a diff note, i saw a shooting star last nite, and made a wish. :)

and again on a different note, i was wondering. if u've been confidently sure about something u've been feeling about yourself, say u know u're currently very comfortable where u are in life at the moment, can that change in a matter of days? hmm. i'm skeptical... and confused. hmm.

but hey, no one is rushing me to decide what i want. so thats good. guess i'll just go with the flow. besides, i owe it to myself to only accept things when i feel 100% about it; the least i can do is stick to that promise, yea?

im thinkin of getting inked. for real. im thinkin to get it before the new year.


MsMusicJunkie said... to the ink.

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

why nott? :(

HXS 118 said...

Good to see party is on again. I would say its really well organised. I had a very nice time there sitting there drinking my jagermister.
Time passed and so much have changed. It will be great to see u again in 5 days. Might be a good time to catch up a bit and discuss our dramas in reality. Really look forward to that babe!!!!!!!!!

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol cant wait to see u stan stan!!! u sound like u've got hot goss for meee!! :)

come back and bring me go get inked k?? :D i think i know what i want now!

Anonymous said...

good thing i didnt attend. pajama party?? would have had to show up naked..