December 5, 2008

.tagged; 15 facts about moi.

.tagged by wynna.

State 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. The 10 people i tag are to then follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things, habits and little known facts.

x1. i have a thing about sharing saliva.
those who knows me well would know this. i dont share food or drinks after someone has saliva-ed it. i dont use sauces that others have double dipped in. not even my family's. *terrible i know* but boyfriends are exceptions. and at times, when im intoxicated. :)

x2. i dont eat my vegetables.
i know im 23 and not 8 anymore. but i dont like em. the juices taste ewwie. but like the above, there are exceptions. i dont mind broccoli. :) and yes, i eat fruits.

x3. i get really annoyed by sneezing.
not only when someone sneeze around me (cuz i also hate people's breath in my personal space) but i also get annoyed when i sneeze more than once in a row. maybe its because it makes me feel out of control, and being out-of-control annoys me. :)

x4. i get very emotional when i talk about my dad.
its weird, but regardless of whether its happy or sad talks, i tear up when i think or talk of my dad. i just miss him alot, i guess.

x5. i have a thing for indian guys.
yes, i am aware i am an oriental asian girl, but i can't help feeling attracted to indian men. not sure if its their sharp facial features or because i like my guys hairy. hahaa TMI, sorry.

x6. i got my first love letter when i was 10.
and he was the cutest guy in class. :) but i accidentally left it in my school uniform and put it to wash, and it was completely gone. :(

x7. once, i watched dirty dancing about 10 times (if not more) in that one week.
i borrowed the dvd at blockbuster and had one week before it was due. i liked it so much and wanted to make sure i watched it enough before i returned it. so i did. (or overdid it) - i then bought the dvd. lol

x8. my wardrobe is really plain.
most of my clothes arent those that follows the latest trend. they're usually simple. thats why you'd probably catch me wearing the same clothes i wore a year or 2 ago.

x9. i almost drowned as a kid.
i think i was 2 when i feel into a swimming pool. thankfully my brother saw me and yelled out for help. an aunt ran over and pulled me out just in time. probably the reason why i dont like being underwater much.

x10. i overdose myself with things i like, making me dislike it really quickly.
i dont know how to explain it. but i do it all the time. with food, snacks, movies, guys. when i like it, i keep eating it, or watching it, or surround myself with it (or him) all the time, until i just get sick of it. bad, i know. but i really likeD it.

x11. i love food really sweet or really salty.
my instant noodles have less soup becuz of that. i overuse lee kum kee becuz i love flavour and saltiness. i love white choc cuz its sweeter. i put too much sugar in my tea, but i love it. :)

x12. my mind is constantly in the gutter.
u'd probably know that. although of coursee they'd be days where i'd have other things on my mind. :)

x13. i was first runner up in shot-put when i was 10.
i was skinny as hell back then, and was selected to represent my primary school's "yellow house", and got 2nd place. :) woohoo! everyone was shocked. i was awesome. lol.

x14. i sang in a band called "the anonymous" when i was 15.
lol nothing big. we just entered lots of singing competitions and etc. the first song we performed was "kiss me" by sixpence non the richer. derek was in the band too. lol

x15. i love thrill rides.
yea, im a dare-devil in that sense. im unfazed by the rides in dreamworld. of course i'd be panicky, but i'd still go for it. :) maybe i shud take trips to the US and try out the stuffs they've got there. i heard they're nuts!

People I tag:-
1. derekus
2. ivan
3. james
4. mike
5. leon
yep, like wynna, im only gonna tag 5. besides, those that i've tagged, they probably wont even do it. hahaa... so yea. there u go. tag job done.


on a different note, i went to bed listening to iron and wine last night. yes, phoon intro-ed me to him. and yes, the songs do bring back memories.

hmm. why now.

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