December 7, 2008

.your inspiration.

was listening to this song on my mp3 player this morning. it was me and mahfuz's song. these few days have been odd. 7 years later, i find myself in the deep end of mahfuz's life once again. yea, i've recently became the confidante of the latest heart mahfuz broke...

its a weird feeling. listening to how he treated her and how he's been treating her... i realized i no longer recognized who he is.

what happened to the guy my heart literally ached for 7 years ago?

i was also thinkin today...

u know how song writers get inspired to write songs? inspiration to string words melodiously from digging into their deepest emotions? emotions expressed in writing as a beautiful cry to the world about how significant the other person is to them?

instead of wondering how it feel to be that inspired, i truly wonder how it feels to be the source of such beautiful inspiration...

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