December 21, 2008

.things u didnt need to know.

i feel sooo lazy aaaand tired; but i feel compelled to post an update. lol :)

x. stan is back! yay! thanks for droppin me at work today! xxxx

x. the girl on the greener grass... yep, the grass just got even greener. lol happy for her tho!! xxxx

x. stan just made a calculation based on my best and worst list, and we found out who had the worst year among the 4 years. *ahem*

x. its good being able to talk to stan again. its like, anything goes! and there's so much to fill him in on. :) im yet to ask him aboaut his complicated love life tho... he better be prepared.

x. wynna and sheensie has left brisbane for the remains of 2008. what a shitty year, we've all concluded. altho wyn's took an upwards turn that'd keep her smiling into the new year. :) [yes, do refer to the previous random fact]

x. tomorrow is a big chinese traditional celebratory festival thingie. will be cooking. REAL food too. i hope i still remember how to steam fish.

x. i've been flooding my mind with questions about relationships; its giving
me a headache. seems like a lose/lose situation for now.


i need sleep. neeeed sleeeeep!

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