December 24, 2008

.i wish i wasnt serious.


this convo took place on sunday between "my friend" and a fish monger -

FM: good afternoon.

MF: good afternoon. i was wondering if you can suggest me a good fish for steaming.

FM: that one is good. *points at a fish swimming in an aquarium*

MF: is it fresh?

FM: ... uh... of course.


lol if you didnt pick up what was wrong with the above conversation, you're just as silly as me!! *cough* i meant my friend! haHa... oh well!

happy christmas y'all!


MsMusicJunkie said...

haha,daddy told me about this. and btw,now its confirmed. you just as blonde because me and sheena arent there with you! lol.

Anonymous said...

How fresh u wan it to be? lol

Anonymous said...

oh that was me...