December 11, 2008

.hey, she reads.

my latest read: "the lost diary of don juan" by douglas carlton abrams.

im only on page 48 at the moment, but so far, its quite good. didnt really like his way of writing and his choices of words at first, but upon further read, you just ignore the technicals and flow with the story, which is quite good.

the story of history's greatest lover afterall. how can that be boring rite?

anywayz, its mum's birthday today! :) weeeHee!! happy birthday mumsiee!! had a short but nice chat with her earlier, which was good. somehow only when i talk to my parents will i feel a strong surge of emotions, whereas if i dont call home or hear their voices, i'd be completely fine.


but hey, december is really birthday crazy huh? first dad and sheena, then wynna, and now mum! its a wonder how we keep up with all the hype! :) oh... and lets not forget, it was britney spears' birthday on the 2nd as well. ;)

speaking of hype, friday nite will be the nite where sheensie and wynnie officiate their new age. if u know what i mean. hahaa should be fun. will keep u posted.

till then, its 7.03am. i know who to blame! and u know who u are! lol

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