December 28, 2008

.feelin' somewhat PMSie.

i dont think i've been THAT busy... i wonder why i havent found time to go online (long enough to blog anyway). maybe its the "stan effect". every time he's back in brissie, doing nothing with him is better than doing anything online. HAHA deep huh? nah, im just exaggerating. i've just been lazy.

so, another new year is just around the corner. last year's december and this year's is definitely different in many many ways.

here's what i've been up to in a nut shell:

Xmas Eve: work - then, drinks at work and our little secret santa. dinner with leon at hanaichi. mini gathering at home to drink into xmas. fell asleep drunk.

Xmas: redcliffe - crabbing, oystering, fishing. soaked in sea water and rain water. late dinner with friends. open gifts - love them all!!! thanks guys!!! [btw, i got TWO GUESS PURSES! - one from selina/cyrus and one from stan! (my old one ripped and now i've got 2 new ones! im so loved!)]

Boxing Day: shopping - over a hundred dollars gone at westfield chermside.

Post Boxing Day: work - then went to Guess. bought myself my first Guess bag and is now broke. then had drinks at fat louie. came home drunk. fell asleep and only got up the next morning. [no!! there is no drinking pattern!!! im not an alcoholicc!!]

yup. thats it folks. there arent many pics (not as much as i'd like anyway) cuz selina's cam is with her sis in malaysia. boo. lol but still, sigh... i cant believe this was 2008.

... i honestly didnt like it very much.


MsMusicJunkie said...

alcoholic. ;)

post pic of guess bag!

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol i will when i find a camera... :P

sythen said...

nahhhh i dont see any signs of alcoholism here ;)

merry belated xmas babe! glad u had fun.