December 6, 2008

.my reality tv.

today, i witnessed a man proposing to his girlfriend in the jewellery shop i work in. she said yes. we popped a champaigne and they toasted. then 3 happy sales girls finished the bottle after work, and i criss-crossed my way home.

anyway, just a random thought i had on the bus; if i had a reality tv show about my life, it'd be called "... so where did it go wrong?" - and of course, the focus would be on my love life... over the years. perhaps even dating back to 13 years ago, where it all began.

the first few years, maybe 4 years will be fast forwarded of course... then we'll try to dissect things and dig deep into the deep end. maybe then we'll (or i'll) be able to see what the true problem is.

*ahem* - this doesnt mean there's definitely a problem though. :)

oh wow. a whole new level of self-absorbness. :) cheers! xx

_______Update: _______________________________
by the way, i've found a theme song for my tv show. :) it'll be played at the end of each episode, when we break up. (we, being the guy i'd be dating in that episode) it'll be ryan cabrera's "i will remember"... i think thats highly appropriate.

lol i know im being lame.

sheena said maybe at the end of each episode, i should highlight a "lesson learnt". but then i realised, i havent really learnt much from each. if anything, i've only become more skeptical; which also means less happy.

remember the times when we were still naive and hopeful? sigh. now all that innocence have been replaced by skepticism and the inability to trust. where's the joy in that? sigh.


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Anonymous said...

Its a problem alright...