August 20, 2008

.pretty. odd.

omg. im into the 5th cycle of the panic at the disco album. i feel like i'm doin a "get to know panic at the disco in one afternoon!" crash course in preparation for their concert tonite...

"would it be alright if we just sat and talked for a while, if in exchange for your time, i give you this smile?"
"that's okay as long as you can make a promise not to break my little heart or leave me alone in the summer time."

but just to prove i've done my homework well, here are the songs i've decided i like -

x. 9 in the afternoon
x. nothern downpour
x. that green gentleman
x. when the day met the night
x. she had the world

behind the sea sounds so beatles-like, dont u think?
i thought i liked it... then replayed it a few more times and decided it didnt sit too well with me. but im sure if i had more time, i'd like more of their songs. after all, i'm a top class conformist yo! ;) [i need to stop sounding so proud of this trait]

ok, now for the band members -

ryan ross: baby face, sherwynna's dream lover
brendan: the lead singer, youngest.
jon: who's jon?
spencer: hmm... chubbiest? wait, i may have gotten the wrong image.

*google image search* - hey... jon is cute.

"i dont love you, i'm just passing the time. you would love me, if i knew how to lie..."

"the academy is..." - one of the bands opening for panic. wynna tried to lure my interest by telling me the lead singer is cute. *pfft...* not really. too boy-ish; yes... im old. ;)

will be sure to update u!

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