June 17, 2009

.five months together.

five months since my babe and i first met. :)

*DISCLAIMER: this post is entirely self absorbed. [not that my others werent; i just felt the need to say this.]*

we celebrated at the coast, 10 minutes before the end of our day (because we're busy people *ahem*) with lots of laughs, kisses and warm winter hugs. i surprised him by driving down to the coast with a surprise gift for him in a box. he totally loved everything! and that was just awesome. :)

"cuz i thought, we've never spent an anniversary apart,
so why start now right?"

my only mistake: forgetting to take pictures! *grr!* i blame the cold weather freezing up my brain!

ANYWAY, I LOVE SURPRISES!! - and i mean, planning them! its awesome!! great great feeling when everything works out exactly as planned!! and my baby's reaction to it all, PRICELESS!! he's so awesome... :) SO AWESOME!!!

... and i'm really happy now. :)

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