June 16, 2009

.immuned to needles.

:) i took my first cervical cancer vaccination yesterday. the best part was having my baby's hand to hold as i "anticipated" the pain. [cuz the real thing didn't actually hurt much]

hey, maybe it didn't hurt cuz he was there with me? HAHA. eek. sorry, thats no excuse to sound cheesy. i take it back. but anyway, its cool. my first time at the docs with a boyfriend for support. good feeling. :)

plus, he held my handbag for the rest of the day because my arm was weak and numb. :)

oh, btw ladies, i heard the pain gets worse the 2nd and 3rd time around... so fingers crossed!!



OlynXes said...

1st and 2nd was ok for me... 3rd one kinda felt weird and numb

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol thanks for the tip! but aww... my baby will already be back in france when my 3rd shot is due. :(

OlynXes said...

That's sad :( are u going to to France to visit? lol u should so do that. I know exactly how it feels to part from someone because of distance... well in my case, I was the one who had to leave - and the 'WHAT IFS' that go through your mind after wards... totally totally sucks

joku said...

hahaha.. sorry i had to laugh lol

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

heh... is there a moment taking place in here? :) *AHEM* lol jk? :)

and no thara... not visiting france anytime soon. i wish i could, but so unlikely under my circumstances. lol but maybe in the fuuuuture with my hubby and kids. :P

aaand we're not even gonna try long distance.. too pointless. :(