June 19, 2009

.i heart ronaldo; always.

i got teary watching some ronaldo videos on youtube, especially the goodbye tributes. i hate that he's leaving for real. i know, $80m is alot. and sure real is great, but how can this be good for him?

at united, he's our star man. [i'm not saying we dont have other awesome players. cuz WE DO! glory glory!] but at real, he's just gonna find himself having to battle it out with all the other big names. and thats IMO such unnecessary pressure! for a 24 year old, it might mess around with his head... and then what? become beckham? [a celeb more than baller?] :(

and fergie wont be around to take care of him now. to set his mind straight and help him grow and mature as a player! to remind him that his game means more than fame! that teamwork and hardwork matters!... and omg, imagine if him and paris hilton strikes it up again. yyyuuuccckk.... :(

sigh... i'm so devastated. but i do wish him all the best. i hope he continues focusing on his game and improving his skills and pushing himself to be the best. i hope he doesnt loose his mind being around those big shots and all that 'competition'. i hope he remembers his passion and what matters. i hope he carries himself well and make right decisions. sigh. SIGH.

anyway, blues and rues aside... i made something to cheer myself up! nothing like some good ol' sheldon street fun! -

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OlynXes said...

that jibjab is AWESOME!! hahahahhaha i'm gonna make some!!! ^_~

minuteman said...

imagine ron and paris getting hitched o_O