June 2, 2009

.her fear in finding forever.

she convinces herself happiness dont last.
she believes 'happy ever after' is now, not forever.
she has fun but just enough.
she doesn't trust anyone with her heart but herself.
she doesn't dare to be overly vulnerable.
she's afraid she might not have what it takes to stand up after a fall.
she fears disappointment, especially ones set up by herself. 
she's her own biggest critic.


"my biggest fear is getting hurt," she told him.
looking into her eyes with a tiny crease on his forehead... 

"no, your biggest fear is finding someone who can hurt you."



Thara ♥ 's Brandon said...

I think it becomes a natural instinct to set up those barriers when you've been hurt many times in the past. It's a painful and tiresome process to hafta pick yourself up after falling.. so you figure it's easier if you just didn't have high expectations of anything in hopes that you might handle the failure a little better next time.

But if you don't put yourself completely out there, then you're not giving yourself the best possible chance at finding true happiness... and at times you might even find yourself sabotaging your own happiness by picking fights or making drama out of nothing.

Instead of fearing the worst to come, enjoy the here and now and just know that any future 'failures' will just make you a better, stronger person :) Think back at the you 5 years ago and the you now... who's wiser?

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

:) apparently im enjoying but just not enough... hmm... but thanks for your input babe. *hugs* very much appreciated. :) :)