June 5, 2009

.a joke gone bad.

soOo... recently on facebook, this announcement came about:

it then followed with responses as such:

what did i find odd, you may ask?

well, for one... where are my "congratulations!!"?? lol is it really THAT unbelievable news? but here are my real questions:

1. is it unbelievable because its too sudden?; or 
2. is it unbelievable because its ME?


its not true. im not engaged. sheena and i were just messing around.

we were gonna change our status to being engaged to each other... but sadly, before we got that chance to "reunite" (*pokes tongue out at wynna* - see?! i told u she'll be mine again!), i realized facebook is too public to be making such jokes.

see, i received a message from my god mother, shocked about the news. even after telling her its not true, she gave me strict instructions to "warn your parents its just a joke before you ruin their holiday"(cuz M&D are on holidays atm) hence:

so yea,

but hey, at least now i know how my family would react to sudden news of my engagement. after all, to "ruin their holiday" doesnt exactly reflect approval. hmm... probably the suddenness made them all think i got knocked up or something.....   .......    ................

......... oh god. that news could be spreading all across my home town right now.


p.s. have to admit though, i totally loved the "aftermath" comments... lol

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