June 14, 2009

.argument over wedding bands.

today at work, i noticed a funny "couple dynamic". [if thats what u call it]

a couple was picking out wedding bands together. usually, the man would be uninterested and the lady would be in charge. however with this couple, the man clearly dominated. even when it came to 'her' ring, he'd say things like -

"i dont think she wants that many diamonds. babe, you don't want that many diamonds, do you?"

to which his fiancee would reply, "umm... yea, i guess."

*tries a different one*

him, cutting her off, "see, this one looks okay. but i'm thinking maybe 5 little diamonds. babe, 5 diamonds?"

her, "umm... yea, i guess."


he then found a ring for himself that he liked. white gold, as opposed to his fiancee's yellow. i then asked, "so, the rings won't match. one's white and the other's yellow. is that okay?"

him, cutting her off (again) "pfft. i dont care about them matching."
her, "umm..."

i turned to her, saying, "okay, tell me what u think. do you mind?"

her, "well... i think i'd prefer if it matched."
him, "pffft... well, its never gonna match. u've got a diamond!" *mocking tone*
her, "yea, but..."
him, "pffft..."
her, *louder* "well, where i come from, wedding band matches!"
him, "but i don't care if they match!"

ME, "okay... how about i give you guys come time to think about it. i've got the details of the rings you picked out on this card. i'll be happy to assist you both further when you've decided."

both, "okay.. thanks." *walks out*

pfft. well, i hate to say... they dont exactly look like a couple that's gonna last forever and ever. *touchwood* then again, we never know what's right nowadays huh?


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