June 7, 2009

.i've got what i need; at least for right now.

some people are worth it.
but some aren't.

... and thats life, as i know it.

im gonna be smarter next time.


my boy is completely awesome. 

i feel so lucky to have him. these few days, he has been nothing but understanding, supportive and caring. *touchwood* [don't wanna jinx it] and its just when i needed it most. he has no idea how much, but even without knowing, he's given me all that i could ever ask for. [without me asking!] 

granted, we still annoy each other sometimes, but hey, comes in a package. ;) [cant complain] 

what made him even more awesome tonight is seeing him make that extra effort to take care of my family too. he prepared a little "my-mum-use-to-make-this-for-me-in-france" dessert for everyone. mannn did we laughed so much. just dicing, chopping, peeling, teasing, joking & exchanging little moments... not much, but it made me feel absolutely great again. :)

he's downstairs, male bonding with my brother right now. on to their 2nd bottle of red wine. how the hell did they find so much to talk about?! but i couldn't possibly feel better right now...

my boyfriend is so great, i could seriously cry. :)

p.s. he found my have-been-misplaced-since-three-days-ago watch in my messy room!! wooo!!


MsMusicJunkie said...

im amazed too. their still talking!!!!!!

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol i wonder at what point should i go downstairs to break up the happy couple...

btw... am i dreaming or did sheena join in?! lol this is getting weird!

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

... oooh, i bet erwann wud hav gossips about how he feels about sherman and sheena later. HAHA will keep u informed! xox (you=wynna)

MsMusicJunkie said...

hahah any gossipss???