June 21, 2009

.noticing little things about 'human'.

here's an observation:

i find it really amusing when u notice the behaviours of others when they're interacting with the opposite sex. the little actions, smiles, expressions, touch that they consciously or subconsciously let out to catch or hold or win someone's attention or interest.

of course i do it too. no doubt.

but the funniest of them all are those who does it, but doesn't admit it; AND further compare themselves with someone else who was doing exactly the same thing.

and here are some things i think people should know -

#. girls can tell what other girls are trying to pull with men, when the man himself can't. thats why girls "over-react" to men in many cases. AND VICE VERSA.

  • we know when a girl is trying to be sweet with u just to make us look bad.
  • we know when she's not just being 'helpful'.
  • we know she didn't just 'have leftovers' when she brought you that pink box with a million cupcakes.
  • we know she's sometimes just trying to win points when she uses lines like...
"if i was your girlfriend, i would've never done that!"
"i don't understand why she'd didn't get it. i do!"
"i can see why she did that, but if i was her, i would've totally stood by you!"

#. SOME girls know what men are trying to do, when the man himself doesn't think she does. they're not necessarily bad things... but its just funny to watch.

  • when men compete for attention in a group, especially when they're among other men.
  • when men conscious/subconsciously puts down other men to win votes for themselves among the ladies. [this is bad]
  • when the man knows he's hot and is using it to his advantage. [which can be very unattractive] *i know... and vice versa*
  • when men are jealous and tries to get back at us subtly, then claim they're not. *also, v.v*
  • when a man is attracted to someone but for some reason, tries to hide it. [you can tell from the way he acts, looks, talk and more]

but hey, just my two cents.

*i might edit this later*

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