June 12, 2009

.scattered dreams.

been having lots of dreams lately. whether i sleep for 15 minutes or 10 hours, the dreams just keep pumping through my head.

i usually don't mind it, but these days, its been too random and... messy? and whats annoying is dreaming about the things i've planned to do that day. 

like, i would plan to go to garden city that day and find myself dreaming i'm at garden city, and doing the things i had planned to do, then waking up and realizing it was just a dream and i actually havent done any of it yet.

its definitely not a premonition because nothing happens the way it does in my dream. but its still bloody annoying.

2 nights ago, i woke up to selina's sms, telling me to grab a bank statement from her room. i then went back to bed after reading it, and dreamt that i went to her room but couldn't find the slip. my whole day went on (in my dream) going from bad to worse.

when i eventually woke up, i felt so tired and negative and down and just mentally drained. 

although i found the slip in selina's room without any drama, and things seem better than it was in my dream, i still fell like crap.

anyone out there who interpret dreams? lemme know what u think.

p.s. ronaldo is leaving united. *sobs*

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