June 20, 2009

.mobile photo barf.

i finally bothered to upload the pictures on my mobile. so yea, here's some random piccies from random times, with my babe [who else?]...

#1. a night with champagne and dvds with my bunny. :) wasn't as planned, but still fun. bubbly is always yummers... lalalalaaaa...

#2. made pancakes for brekkie for my bunny one morning. :) and oranges, for a healthier twist after all that sugar...

#3. me baby made my family some french-style yogurt. prepared the way his mum used to do it back in france. he was so excited to share his little recipe... and everyone loved it. :) yay!

#4. sheena curled my hair one random night and it was kinda cute. so i took a pic to show my bubby.. :) he predicted that i will someday share this picture with the public so he already told himself not to feel special. haha my baby knows me well...

#5. sam a.k.a monkey malo... our son. :)

#6. baby and i bought something for melissa and allan's new home. :) isn't it cute? i especially like it because its the first gift from "us"... :)

...and thats all the randomness that i have this time around!
till next time,
stay warm in winter! :)


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