May 16, 2006

Dont Say Vodka. I'd Puke.

Last wednesday,
We had a farewell dinner with Julie.
*sobs sobs*
Julie was leaving us to go back to Malaysia.

She was our ex housematee...
And also one of the sweetest.
Then again,
All my housemates, ex or current, temporary or long term were all sweetie pies.
(Yes laaa... Lalat, u too!!) *lol*
oH wait... one wasn't sweet.
Wayne Rozario.
He wasn't sweet.
That dude was HOT.
*tee hee - griNz*

But nwayz, yeAaa... it was pretty sad to know that Julie is leaving.
She was like a second mother to me.
She's always looking after me and Selina,
making us nice food and dessert...
Worrying about me when I fall sick...
*sobs sobs*

I'm reli gonna miss her.

ooH... last saturday night,
We made Julie come over to our house.
Threw her a mini-farewell party.

With lotsa booze.

It was a fun niteee...
Smirnoff is evil.
Apple juice is evil too.
I dont even know when I passed out.

When I got up the next morning,
I was lying on the floor in my living room...

Apparently eveyone got up earlier and left.
I must've looked like an idiot.
But then, at that moment,
I had other things to worry about...

Yea... I got up at 3.30pm...
Just in time to take a shower and rush off to work at 5pm.
I was terribleeeee...
I practically had to crawl upstairs.
When I stood up,
I was swinging from one wall to the other.
Oh... and I also bailed on Terrence to watch Final Destination 3.
Sigh. I just couldn't get up.
Perhaps I shouldnt have said we should meet at 11.30am when I knew I was gonna have a nite of drinking!!

Work was torturing...
I spilled crepe mix on the floor...
I almost broke a few glasses...
I felt my limbs work extra slow...
I couldn't even follow the lines to jot down my sales record...
But I made it tru the entire shift without pissing anyone off.
5pm to 10.30pm... not bad hey?
Working with a hangover and half a pack of Doritos.
I think I did pretty well.
(I didnt have time to pick up anything to eat before work)


******** ******** *********
By the way, there's a few people I need to Thank (and say sorry to):

1. Those that attended Julie's farewell, Thanks for washing up and cleaning the place. And sorry for being such a bad host.

Lalat, for setting my alarm clock. If u didnt, I would have missed work!

3. The person who covered me when I was sleepin on the floor.
Thanks for the quilt! Becuz of u, I didn't freeze to death!

4. Sorry to Terrence and Shaz... for calling u guys at wee hours in the morning.
and I think I called Groovy too. Thank God he didn't answer.
Im already a big fool as it is!!

5. Sorry to Terrence again, for bailing u on Final Destination 3.
And thanks for being so understanding.

6. Thanks to Selina... who convinced me to take a shower before work.
I was seriously gonna just get changed and crawl to the bus stop smelling like alcohol.

7. Thanks to Emyne... for taking me to the toilet when I said I THINK I need to puke.
heHhee I must've been heavy. *ehem*

8. Thanks to Janice Lai... My little sweet Bar Boo workmate.
Thanks for cleaning up the crepe mix for me!!
And for sending me home that night!!
(and putting up with me despite being deprived of sleep urself)

9. Thanks to Tony, my employer... Who suddenly felt hungry after work,
and treated me and Janice to some Dim Sum. The Siu Mai was yuMmerz!!

10. Thanks... to myself... for making the hangover last only for a day.

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